How the “Hash War” broke November 2018’s key support level - by Blockhead Capital

In August of 2017, a group of early Bitcoin investors and developers forked Bitcoin to form a new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash differs from Bitcoin in that it achieved increased transaction throughput and lower fees through a larger block size (allowing more transaction data can be inputted into each block). The project gained moderate adoption in the period between August 2017 and August 2018, though was never recognized as the “real Bitcoin” as its supporters had hoped. By Q4 2018, two major Bitcoin Cash figures, Roger Ver and Craig Wright, made it publicly known that they were in disagreement about the future direction of Bitcoin Cash. The two predominant figures decided that they would each pursue their ideas separately, resulting in yet another fork. This time Bitcoin Cash splintered into Roger Ver’s “Bitcoin ABC” (BCH), and Craig Wright’s “Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision” (BSV).

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Emilie Gallaugher
Top Cryptocurrencies of the Past and Present May Help Predict the Future of Crypto?

In the dynamic cryptocurrency world, the speed at which values can fluctuate, is a reminder of their volatility. Volatility can be seen as an opportunity which can be leveraged. Through diversified assets and investment strategies, risk is managed, and long-term return can be maximised.

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