Major Boost for Crypto with New Generation of Investors


A recent survey by American based digital currency exchange Coinbase, found that U.S students were twice as likely to own Bitcoin or other digital currencies compared to the population average. With 18 percent of students responding that they hold at least one crypto currency. 

The increasing interest and popularity of cryptos in higher education and amongst the younger millennial investors may be indicative of a larger shift in the financial and investment sector. 

Recent news (link to previous article) that the CFA Institute have added blockchain and crypto as topics in their exam, shows the shift in demand of students wanting more knowledge in these areas, and employers seeking graduates with the expertise.

With the largest population of any previous generation, the possible scope of influence this generation may have on the sector may not yet be fully realised. This age group is often touted as being risk-adverse and mistrusting towards traditional investments and assets, having grown up during the peak of the 2008 financial crisis and a time of rapid technological advancement. 

For many the control, security and high returns that investing in cryptocurrencies could offer makes holding these disruptive, blockchain-based technologies an crucial part of their long-term investing strategy and portfolio.

With the growing education and general awareness surrounding these digital assets, it may only be a matter of time before virtual currencies are adopted by the masses and become a mainstream method of paying for goods and services. 

As crypto and blockchain technologies head towards becoming more mainstream, finding investment funds with the maximum level of security, liquidity and transparency to investors is crucial. Epoch’s flagship Digital Asset Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation and maximise absolute returns by allocating to collective investment vehicles that invest in a diversified range of digital asset investment strategies.


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