Survey Indicates Growing Client Interest in Crypto

According to an independent survey conducted by Bitwise Asset Management and ETF Trends, clients of financial advisors remain curious about crypto currencies and continue to ask their advisers about the assets.

 Even after a difficult year, the survey, conducted in December of 2018, found that 79% of surveyed advisors stated they were asked questions regarding cryptocurrencies and other digital assets by clients. Other notable findings from are that over 20% of those taking part in the survey predict an increase in their allocation or will begin to allocate their funds toward crypto currencies and digital assets.

 A 55% majority of respondents have an optimistic outlook for bitcoin, expecting an appreciation in the value of the cryptocurrency over a five-year period. This sentiment can be seen to be echoed by the clients of these advisers. The Bitwise survey found that even after a significant drop in their Large Cap Crypto Index, interest in investing in crypto from clients has not fallen, rather has increased. This may indicate that investors and clients are taking a long-term view of the asset class, leveraging on its volatility to buy and hold.

Emilie Gallaugher