Top Cryptocurrencies of the Past and Present May Help Predict the Future of Crypto?

In the dynamic cryptocurrency world, the speed at which values can fluctuate, is a reminder of their volatility. Volatility can be seen as an opportunity which can be leveraged. Through diversified assets and investment strategies, risk is managed, and long-term return can be maximised.

 The list of the top ten crypto coins today shows the rapid evolvement of digital coins of the years. Looking back only five years, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple are the only coins still remaining on the list. Previously, ‘alt-coins’ were not much more than Bitcoin replicas, with some small minor alterations and added features. These coins have appreciated in value significantly since this time, with very few other asset classes mirroring this kind of trajectory.

 Today, the coins making up the top ten list with the largest market capitalisation, hold their positions as coins which serve their unique purpose in today’s environment.

As mentioned earlier, with the rate at which the crypto-currency environment continues to move and grow, the likelihood that the list of top cryptocurrencies in the future will remain the same is very low.

Those that have remained at their positions as the most highly valued and established currencies are may continue to do so. For investors, this means that these more mainstream coins could be a less volatile, defensive asset to hold in a portfolio, potentially offsetting some of the higher risk associated with more volatile cryptocurrencies.

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